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Welcome to the ball park pricing form, I have provided this form as a tool to help you understand the possible costs associated with your request before anyone invests any time into drawings or requests and to assist us with providing faster customer service.

Even though this form is pretty accurate for most projects, there are a few things you need to understand about this form and its limitations.

  1. It does not account for complexity, so the more complex your tank shape your official pricing may be drastically different.
  2. It does not account for options like In-Tank EFI pumps, fuel level sending units, custom flanges ETC. Most of the time these items are in-addition to the tank price.
  3. Pricing shown is for a One-off.  We offer competitive QTY discounts for our production customers.
  4. We typically have a minimum price of $250.00 for one-off tanks so smaller tanks may calculate less than that which would not be accurate.
  5. An order CANNOT be placed against this form, you will still be required to provide a detailed drawing before official pricing will be provided (no exceptions)

Thank You for the opportunity,

Dave Boyd   Owner / Boyd Welding LLC

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Net 30 Credit Application

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Q: Do you build custom tanks?
A: Yes, Every tank that we build is custom made to your requested dimensions and shape. However, below is a list of tanks we do not build.
-We do not build Steel or Stainless Steel Tanks of any type. We strictly specialize in the fabrication of aluminum tanks.
-We do not build Round, Oval or D-Style Tanks.
-We do not build Aircraft fuel tanks of any kind (Experimental or Not).
-We do not build Primary or “tear drop” style motorcycle tanks.
-We do not build Pressure Vessels or vaccum tanks.
-We do not build potable water tanks
-We do not build tanks for LP or CNG.
Q: I would like to have a custom tank built, How do i calculate gallons?
A: The basic formula for finding gallons of a rectangle is  L x W x H / 231 (Length x Width x Height  divided by 231) once you have that number you should deduct 10%  and that is what would be called “usable gallons” you should always figure your tank size at usable gallons.
Q: How Long will it take to build my tank?
A: Under most circumstances our production times are 7-10 business days for fabrication however, this is always subject to our current work load. You can see our current lead times on the request quote page. Complex projects may take longer.
Q: Is a custom tank expensive?
A: Depends, the word “Custom” does not always mean thousands of dollars. Your price will depend on a few different factors like size and complexity. Gallons of the tank do not play a huge role in the price since there are many different configurations to get a specified amount. I think that you will find that our prices are reasonable for the quality we produce and flexible services we provide. I would suggest spending a few minutes preparing a clear sketch or drawing of the tank you would like to have built upload it using the “Request Quote” form.
Q: What is the best way to get my drawing to you for a quote?
A: You can Email your drawings to us.  you can find our email addresses in the Contact Us page of our site.
Q: Do you have a tank for my 19** (Make, Model)?
A: We do not build tanks for specific makes or models, we strictly only build custom tanks to supplied drawings. 
Q: I don’t have a drawing, can I send you my old tank?
A: No Sorry, we do not build tanks using old tanks as a substitute for a drawing. Unless we have requested that you send your old tank for reference please don’t ship it to us.
Q: We are a business and would like you to produce a tank for us in volume can you do it?
A: Yes, We produce tanks ranging in sizes for many OEM and aftermarket companies. Shoot us an email or give us a call to discuss your particular needs.
Q: Do you repair used tanks?
A:No, We do not do any type of repair work.
Q: Do you offer installations
A: No, we do not offer installations 
Q:  Can I modify a standard tank to better suit my needs
A: Yes, Since we manufacture our tanks in-house any tank can be modified. Pricing and lead times will depend on order volume and frequency. A clear detailed sketch showing the modifications will be required.

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