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We have received the small portable fuel tank you manufactured for us that we intend to use in our dinghy. It looks fabulous and its appearance is of highest quality. Please convey my appreciation to your skilled workers. Thanks to your craftsmanship, I now own the world’s finest one gallon fuel tank.


Whit W.

25379 Whit Waldo 2

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Boyd, Good morning

Just wanted to share with you how pleased I am with the new gas tank for my 1957 Chevy stepside. You definitely produce a top quality product.

I was so close to buying that ugly ass box that LMC has only because while searching the google search LMC and brothers were the top hits. (And we have to change that)

I was at a friends house looking at his 66 Chevy truck build and he had one of your tanks installed.

I’m old school and do not use Facebook for social media but have seen yours. Boyd’s welding looks like a thriving company and you probably don’t need my accolades. But I shared a shout out with my friends at Tri-Five truck forum and 49-67 Truck forum. Hopefully that will get your name to the top of the google search.

I’m a retired union pipe fitter out of local 150 Augusta, Georgia and have a eye for quality craftsmanship and top notch welding.

Just wanted to put your name out there, would have sent you the links but couldn’t figure out how with the I pad (old people with electronic gadgets) Lol !!!

Thanks again, JT

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I just received my tank from you guys yesterday, and I wanted to personally send you an email about the quality. I am a certified TIG welder, I’m in the automotive field myself. It’s very hard to find a product that doesn’t arrive at the door needing to be modified or “fixed”. When I opened the box, I couldn’t believe what I saw…thank you for taking pride in what you do, unbelievable quality and finish!! I don’t think I have ever been so impressed by the quality and welding on any part I have ordered since I have been in the business! Thanks again!!!


P.s. it’s also very impressive that it was delivered on the exact anticipated ship date, I received the email without having to send one first, you run a business that is rare for today’s standards, keep it up man!!! Awesome!

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Hi Dave,

I just wanted drop you note to say thanks, the tank arrived today and it was exactly what I had ordered (which doesn’t happen very often these days) The workmanship is excellent and the tank arrived on time and at a competitive price.

Thanks again

G.L – California

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I just received my tank and all I can say is Wow!

I am a bit of a perfectionist and generally hard to please, but you guys blew me away. Working with you exceeded my expectations. Not only is your customer communication great and you beat my expectations on fabrication time and delivery, but the product you produce is top notch.

The finished tank matches the drawing perfectly and the quality of manufacture and materials is world class. I was worried about doing this transaction over the internet from a drawing since in past I used local people, but I have to say yours is the best tank I have had done so far. In past I was used to getting a tank with chips in it or scratches all over it, bit not yours, perfectly cut, finished, and clean – Nice work!

I will recommend you to everyone I know


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The tank looks great and fits perfect. I have attached a couple of photos of the tank installed in the chassis. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll be able to send some of the finished chassis, painted a dark blue, which should really make the aluminum tank stand out.
Thanks again for all the help and for providing a great looking product.

Walter S. Green
2g Performance, LLC

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Dan: Just want to thank you guys for the gas tank you built for me. It is accurate to my drawing in every detail, and beautifully crafted. You guys are the best!

‘ Till next time, Regards.

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I have installed the new fuel tank on my motorhome. The workmanship and fitup were excellent. I will recomend your company to anyone needing a replacement fuel tank for a motor home. Once again THANK YOU for the excellent job on my fuel tank.
Bob Carlson, Rozet Wyoming

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Several weeks ago I searched the internet to find someone to build me a custom aluminum one gallon header tank for my experimental aircraft. I came across Boyd Welding website and saw the custom tanks that this company manufactures and decided to give them a call to see if they could fabricate this small header tank. I had the pleasure of speaking with a gentleman, Dan Hance, about building this header tank and he was interested in building this tank if I could send him some drawings. I sent him some drawings and pictures of a plastic header tank that I wanted copied and Dan sent me back within a day, the quote for the cost of this header tank. The price for the header tank I felt was very reasonable so I asked Dan to build this tank. After I sent him the drawings I realized I had a couple of changes dimensional wise so I called Dan and he kindly made the changes to my request and one week later I had my new header tank. I could not be more pleased with how it was fabricated and how nice it was to work with Dan Hance. If someone needs a custom fuel tank or cell made, Boyd Welding is your answer. Their pricing is reasonable and their workmanship is first class plus the customer service is the kind of service we are all looking for.

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The fuel tank has arrived and it looks great!

I fitted it in and it seems to fit perfectly. Amazing, I was able to send you guys a simple drawing, and you fabricated the tank perfect from the other side of the continent. And then shipped it up to me all for significantly less money than any of the local shops could do it.

A big thank you from Alaska!


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Dave and Dan,

Thanks for a nice tank. Got the tank installed, looks good and seems to work good so far.

Would have been a little easier to install if I had specified 61″ instead of 62″ long, mainly for plumbing.

Thanks to Dan for the patience and help in working with me on the design and details.

A few pictures attached.

Thanks again,
Jim Rogers

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Boyd Welding Crew,

Just wanted to let you guys know we received the tank and it is awesome. You did a wonderful job and we are very pleased with it.

Thank you so much
Mark/Christy Silva

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Dave / Dan
The gas tank you just made for me fits perfect and turned out awesome.

Thanks again,
Brett Ward

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I wanted to let you know that the tank you built for us is working out great.
I will try to get some good pictures of our application for you.

Thanks again,

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Hello Dave and Dan……Just wanted to drop you guys a note and thank you for the help and interaction to make the new gas tank for my 30 Model A……….tank worked out perfectly and looks great!!!……attached a couple of shots of the tank and the car it resides in.

Thanks again, Bill (New York)

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Hey Dan,
I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that I GREATLY appreciate the time you took to work with me on the RZR tank. The fit is perfect, and it looks great. Your prices are right, your service is awsome, and the craftsman ship is top notch.

I appreciate you and your company.

Thank you very much,
Justin R.

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Dave and Dan,
Thanks for the great service. From concept to design, fabrication and installation. I would recommend anyone looking for a tank to get with these guys. It has been a pleasure doing business with your Company.

Ron C

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