Q: Do you build custom tanks?

A: Yes, Every tank that we build is custom made to your requested dimensions and shape. 

Q: How Long will it take to build my tank?

A: Under most circumstances our production times are 7-10 business days for fabrication. Complex projects may take longer.

Q: Is a custom tank expensive?

A: Depends, the word “Custom” does not always mean thousands of dollars. Your price will depend on a few different factors like size and complexity. Gallons of the tank do not play a huge role in the price since there are many different configurations to get a specified amount. I think that you will find that our prices are reasonable for the quality we produce and flexible services we provide. I would suggest spending a few minutes preparing a clear sketch or drawing of the tank you would like to have built upload it using the “Request Quote” form.

Q: What is the best way to get my drawing to you for a quote?

A: You can Email or Fax your drawings to us. Email is preferred you can find our email addresses in the Contact Us page of our site.

Q: Do you have a tank for my 19** (Make, Model)?

A: We do not build tanks for specific makes or models, we strictly only build custom tanks to supplied drawings. 

Q: I don’t have a drawing, can I send you my old tank?

A: We do not build tanks using old tanks as a substitute for a drawing. Unless we have requested that you send your old tank for reference please don’t ship it to us.

Q: We are a business and would like you to produce a tank for us in volume can you do it?

A: Yes, We produce tanks ranging in sizes for many OEM and aftermarket companies. Shoot us an email or give us a call to discuss your particular needs.

Q: Do you repair used tanks?

A:No, We do not do any type of repair work.

Q: Do you offer installations

A: No, we do not offer installations as a service.

Q:  Can I modify a standard tank to better suit my needs

A: Yes, Since we manufacture our tanks in-house any tank can be modified. Pricing and lead times will depend on order volume and frequency. A clear detailed sketch showing the modifications will be required.