63-72 Standard (Side Fill) NON-EFI

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Far down are the mounting tabs?
A: 3″ down from the top of the tank

Q: How Tall is the fill neck? What is the Diameter of the pipe?

A: The fill neck is approx 3″ tall. The pipe is 2″ OD

Q: Are there Baffles in the Tank?
A: Yes, There are 3 baffles in the tank.

Q: What is the Roll Over Safety Vent? Do i need it?

A: The Rollover Safety Vent is a simple ball check valve device that will allow the tank to vent when in the normal operating position. In the event of an accident causing a rollover the ball will drop and block off the vent port so that fuel does not leak out. For safety I would always recommend purchasing the Rollover Safety vent option.

Q: I Currently have a carbureted engine but may want to go EFI in the future. Can i upgrade this tank to EFI?

A: Yes, We have designed our tank with the EFI provision and baffeling to allow you to upgrade to EFI using our Aeromotive in-tank pump system. All you will need to purchase is the pump system, remove the cover plate and bolt in the pump system using the same hardware.

Q: Will this tank fit my 63-66?

A: Yes, the 63-66 utilizes the same framerails. Many customers have sucessfully used this tank for those year ranges.

Q: I have a Blazer, can i use this tank?

A: Many customers have sucessfully installed the side fill tank into their blazers however, i am unsure of the scope of work to make it happen.