In-Tank EFI Pump System W/ Aeromotive Stealth 340

Product # 41004

Kit includes:
-Fabricated Pump Bracket
-Aeromotive Stealth 340 PN: 11142
-(12) 10/32 SS screws with Nylon washers
- Gasket
- bracket under-ring (not pictured)

*Our Brackets are not adjustable we fabricate each bracket based on your tank depth. Below you will need to choose the correct bracket length for your tank. The bracket length should be at minimum 1″ less than the depth of your tank. See below examples.

EXAMPLE: 12″ deep Tank = 11″ Bracket length.
EXAMPLE: 10.5″ deep tank = 9″ Bracket Length

Min/Max Bracket length = 6″ / 20″


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