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 PLEASE READ: We only fabricate tanks based on your supplied drawing or sketch there is no way for us to “look up” or “cross reference” a specific tank for a specific vehicle. Pictures of your tank  have no fabrication value are not an acceptable alternative to a drawing.  

There are several ways of preparing your drawing for quote submission. Please use the below documents as a guide to request a quote.

Click A Template Below to Print, Fill out and Email in.

rectangle_template Belly Tank L Shape Tank Template Universal rear mount
Rectangle Template Belly Template L Tank Template UNV rear mount


 Below Information MUST be on your drawing for a Quote

  1. Your full first and last name
  2. Email Address ( we only email our quotes)
  3. Phone number
  4. Shipping Zip Code
  5. Length, Width & Height of the tank in inches
  6. Mark all fitting locations (Fill, Vent, Return, Mounting Tabs etc)
  7.  Please reference for the correct SKU numbers and notate on your drawing as this will expedite your quote request.
  8. If you require any additional parts or supplies not required in the fabrication of your tank please note that as well. (Eg: Fuel Hose)

Your drawing should be similar to the examples below:

You may use the quote submission form below to submit the drawing should you have a scanner available.

Alternatively you can simply take a picture of your drawing with your phone, tablet or camera and email the picture to make sure that your picture is clear and legible.

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