BallPark Pricing Form

Welcome to the ball park pricing form, I have provided this form as a tool to help you understand the possible costs associated with your request before anyone invests any time into drawings or requests and to assist us with providing faster customer service.  We are a working shop which means our office staff has production duties which must be accomplished during the work day, Myself included, so its not always possible to stop and answer the phone or reply to an email right away.

Even though this form is pretty accurate for most projects, there are a few things you need to understand about this form and its limitations.

  1. It does not account for complexity, so the more complex your tank shape your official pricing may be drastically different.
  2. It does not account for options like In-Tank EFI pumps, fuel level sending units, custom flanges ETC. Most of the time these items are in-addition to the tank price.
  3. Pricing shown is for a One-off.  We offer competitive QTY discounts for our production customers.
  4. An order CANNOT be placed against this form, you will still be required to provide a detailed drawing before official pricing will be provided (no exceptions)

Thank You for the opportunity,

Dave Boyd   Owner / Boyd Welding LLC