Novotny Aircraft Header Tank

Several weeks ago I searched the internet to find someone to build me a custom aluminum one gallon header tank for my experimental aircraft. I came across Boyd Welding website and saw the custom tanks that this company manufactures and decided to give them a call to see if they could fabricate this small header tank. I had the pleasure of speaking with a gentleman, Dan Hance, about building this header tank and he was interested in building this tank if I could send him some drawings. I sent him some drawings and pictures of a plastic header tank that I wanted copied and Dan sent me back within a day, the quote for the cost of this header tank. The price for the header tank I felt was very reasonable so I asked Dan to build this tank. After I sent him the drawings I realized I had a couple of changes dimensional wise so I called Dan and he kindly made the changes to my request and one week later I had my new header tank. I could not be more pleased with how it was fabricated and how nice it was to work with Dan Hance. If someone needs a custom fuel tank or cell made, Boyd Welding is your answer. Their pricing is reasonable and their workmanship is first class plus the customer service is the kind of service we are all looking for.